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15 May 2015

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1 May 2015

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NetTime CS Suite Lite

Version 3.03

The NetTime CS Suite Lite is a complete Client Server solution for managing public access computers.

internet cafe software

Software comprises:

  • NetTime Server 3.03 Lite / SBE
  • NetTime Client 3.03


  • Silver / Gold / Platinum Support Contracts

Minimum Requirements:

Server / Client

Intel Pentium PC / equivalent.
Windows XP or better

NetTime CS Suite Lite Overview

The NetTime CS Suite Lite provides a comprehensive solution for your Internet Cafe / Hotel / Library / School or any other industry that requires regulated, controlled computer access.

NetTime CS Suite Lite has been designed to provide an easy to use voucher / ticketing system for your business. The full NetTime CS Suite also provides Pre-Paid accounts, temporary login and StopWatch capabilities. If you require these features, you should look to purchase the full version.

NetTime Client Server started life as a dedicated Internet Cafe Software product but it is now used in a diverse array of industries including governments, domestic military installations, barristers chambers, computer learning centers, universities and more!

There's a good reason why NetTime is one of the leading choices. We excel in performance, reliability, flexibility and provide an excellent support service.

There are a number of solutions from a variety of companies in today's market. They vary by their functionality, their look and indeed their stability. It's worth any cyber cafe owner bearing in mind that the cheapest and prettiest does not necessarily mean the best. Our solutions may not be the cheapest but considering the costs of development, we believe our product is great value for money!

NetTime CS Suite Lite is a reduced feature version of our full product at incredible low prices!

cybercafe software Exploring your NetTime CS Network

A typical NetTime CS Network consists of one machine running NetTime Server and a number of computers running NetTime Client.

NetTime Server does not have to be installed on a dedicated server, but we strongly recommend that it's a staff controlled PC that is away from the general public. NetTime Server does have a built security allowing you to log in before any changes can be made. It also allows you to assign different privileges to staff.

Here is an example network diagram showing just one of many implementations for NetTime CS:


internet cafe software layout

( This diagram may be enlarged by clicking on the image)


The example shows a number of wired and wireless PCs all running NetTime Client. Please note that at this time, we do not cater for ad hoc occasional wireless laptop users. If you are looking to provide wireless access to business users, please contact us for recommended hardware.

In this example, the main computer running NetTime Server also has the network printer connected, CD / DVD writing capabilities, fax / telephone and of course a till to take money. This allows the staff to run the 'shop' from one single location.

The gateway to the Internet can be provided by a dedicated router or a PC based router such as Windows Server or Linux. If a PC is used as the Internet gateway, you can optionally implement web content filtering, proxying, DNS cache, DHCP and many other services.

The above is an example showing one of many implementations for NetTime CS. If you require any assistance in designing your network, we can provide consultancy services to help you.

cyber internet cafe software So what can NetTime CS do for my business?

NetTime CS has been designed and written to make your life easier and to make your business work harder for you. There are many business owners providing Internet Access or Computer Access Services who start out by using pen and paper to run their business and manage usage time. This can be hard work, confusing and time consuming.

NetTime CS helps to take the hard work out of running your business by centrally managing access to your computers. Customers can no longer turn up and use a computer without your knowing.

NetTime CS puts you in control and provides a variety of flexible methods to control your network. Time can be allocated to customers by remote control, or manually by entering a username, password or voucher code.

nettime lite internet cafe software
cafe timer


Vouchers and Prepaid Time Codes

cyber cafe timer vouchers

NetTime CS Suite Lite has the facility to create individual or bulk vouchers.

This facility can allow you to sell vouchers over the counter or in dispensing machines such as vending machines. Vouchers are automatically enabled allowing you to sell tickets without any further interaction.

Vouchers can be created with specific prefixes allowing you to determine which batch they are from. You may also specify an expiry date should you wish to limit a vouchers availability.

The screenshot on the left shows the quick single voucher generator. It allows you to quickly and easily produce a single voucher (with Username/Password or a single alphanumeric voucher code). These tickets can be printed off immediately using a ticket printer, or a normal printer.


It's vital in any business to be able to analyse and audit your business data. This may be usage, how much time you've sold, how many customers have come through the door or how much money you have taken.

NetTime CS allows you to generate a number of reports including the following:

  • End of day sales report
  • End of day usage report
  • Plus more...

Most of the information generated within NetTime CS is stored within daily archives. This allows you to recall previous data.

In addition to the reporting, NetTime CS generates a wealth of information in the form of administration logs. Whilst it would normally be unnecessary to view and use these logs, there may be situations where staff need to be monitored, or previous transactions checked when they may be useful.

Flexible Client Interface

The Client software has been designed to provide you with a fully customisable interface for your customers. The background / logon screen can be fully customised allowing you to stylise our software to suit your business.

cafe timer client

The default background screen can be seen to the left. We have designed the main part of the background to be fully web enabled. This means you can edit and insert any media rich, web enabled content.

Some of our customers have changed the background so that visitors can browse an intranet. This may provide news, information or even sell local products.

Other customers use a utility that we supply to generate adverts that change every few seconds. This can provide you with another source of revenue.


internet cafe timer

This second screenshot shows how one of our customers tailored the images to suit their Internet Cafe.

Customisation can include embedded Flash (including Flash movies) and anything else that can be embedded within a typical Internet Explorer browser.

Comprehensive Security

Security is of vital importance, protecting your business and saving you valuable time. NetTime Client provides a wealth of security options. These include protecting against CTRL-ALT-DEL, blocking Windows keys and other system key combinations.

Other possibilities include the ability to disable the Start Menu button, hide control panel items, lock down Internet Explorer, hide the task bar, disable the desktop, and even disable the explorer shell completely.

Some users have configured their system to launch a full screen web browser on login, but without the task bar or anything else. NetTime Client also allows you to customise a variety of system policies.

If a security risk is ever identified, we always respond and try to add additional protection as quickly as possible.

History Cleaning

We have provided a number of history cleaning options which include:

  • Emptying the recycle bin
  • Deleting Internet Explorer browser history
  • Removing favourites
  • Deleting IE cache
  • Removing cookies
  • Removing auto complete data
  • Clearing typed web addresses
  • And much more...

Logon and Logoff Scripting

If there's something else you want to happen when a customer logs on, or off. We even provide the capability to launch your own scripts or applications!


This overview provides a small sample of what's available within NetTime CS. If you would like more information, we would suggest you try out our product and take a look at our comprehensive manual.

internet cyber cafe softwareTry before you buy! (Free Download)

NetTime Software provide a free download of most of our products. This allows you to try out our products before you buy making sure it's the right product for you. If you have any problems or require any assistance with configuring your NetTime CS network, we are more than happy to help.

If you require some customisation work, or have a related project in mind. Feel free to contact our sales office and ask for a quotation.

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