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10 January 2014

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NetTime CS Suite

Version 2.08

The NetTime CS Suite is a complete Client Server solution for managing public access computers.

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Software comprises:

  • NetTime Server 2.08
  • NetTime Client 1.94


  • FShield - Comprehensive file and folder protection
  • Silver / Gold / Platinum Support Contracts

NetTime CS Suite Features


cybercafe What's New in NetTime CS 2.00

Improved Quick Billing
Various updates to the Quick Billing system enabling you to generate receipts faster and more easily.

Remote Password Change Facility
Accounts now have an option to enable passwords to be changed by the customer from the Client PC.

New voucher generation system
A new, integrated voucher generation system is now available. Single or multiple vouchers / tickets can be generated from an easy to use wizard.

New database filtering options
Comprehensive account filtering options are now available. Accounts can be filtered depending on expiry, when it was last used, time and much more.

Internal Server performance enhancements
Numerous performance improvements helping to increase its scalability beyond 1,000 Client PCs. (City and Country-wide VPN based NetTime networks are already in use!)

New Server Configuration System
A re-designed and easy to use configuration system has been integrated into NetTime Server.

New built in Web Server capabilities
NetTime Server now includes a built in basic web server enabling you to quickly and easily centralise your Client background login screen / adverts.

Database Performance Optimisations 20x faster
An upgraded database and numerous optimisations have been made boosting the database performance by as much as 20x.

New End of Day Reporting
Complete end of day time and sales reconciliation. All data is archived and reports can be generated for any specified date.

Integrated Database Editor
A comprehensive database editor has now been included and integrated into NetTime Server. This provides easy and comprehensive account filtering and editing facilities.

Improved account expiry validation
Accounts can have a specified expiry date enabling you to issue vouchers and accounts that are only valid for a limited time.

internet cafe timer Customer Session Types

Built in Accounts System

An integrated accounts system allows you to create accounts for your regular customers or members. The facility also has provision for vouchers / tickets. If an account is not required, the customer can still be logged on with either 'Pay-As-You-Go' or pre-pay modes.

StopWatch mode with Pay-As-You-Go
'Pay-As-You-Go' / StopWatch mode allows you to log customers in and simply time how long they use the computer for. When they log out, or a member of staff remotely logs them off, the amount of time used is displayed and can be paid for.

Pre-Paid Mode
The NetTime Solution allows complete flexibility. The Pre-Paid option can be used for regular customers, tourists or one-time users. A customer can pay for an amount of time and then they are logged into a computer remotely for the duration of their session. The Pre-Paid mode can also be used for vouchers, tickets or pre-paid cards that can be dispensed out of a vending machine.

Regular accounts customers
The built in accounts system is ideal for regular customers and members. An account can be created on NetTime Server which stores their contact information and how much time they have left. Time remaining at the end of a session is stored ready for use at the customers next visit.

Vouchers / Coupons / Tickets
NetTime Server features an integrated database editor and wizard driven voucher generator. Tickets can be created in bulk and then printed either locally or by a professional bureau service. Expiry dates can be specified for tickets giving them a limited 'shelf life'. This can be useful for promotional periods or simply to limit how long a ticket is valid for.

Remote Control
There are a number of remote control facilities available within NetTime Server. Customers can be remotely logged into a machine in account, watchdog or prepaid modes. Likewise, customers can be logged off just as easily. Computers can be remotely shutdown and rebooted. At the end of a day, all machines connected to NetTime Server can be shutdown with a click of the mouse from the comfort of your chair.

cyber cafe timer Reports

End of Day Report
NetTime Server includes a comprehensive end of day reporting facility that enables you to easily produce a concise summary of the days activities. Information includes Sales, time sold and usage. All data is archived so that historical reports can be produced at any time with the click of a mouse.

Machine and User Statistical reports
Reports can be generated that detail machine usage. This can tell you which machines are used the most. The User report can tell you which accounts were the most active on the day.

Account Updates
The account updates report can provide you with a summary of all of the days time extensions. This can be useful in reconciling the amount of time sold.

Complete Administration Log
All activity within NetTime Server is logged. This includes all time extensions, new accounts, machine logon and logoff instructions and much more. This information is in a raw state but it can provide invaluable evidence if staff activity needs to be investigated.


cafe timer Client Computers


Design, Usability and Ease of Use
The login system has been designed to be elegant, flexible and intuitive. The interface can be fully customised. The login page is fully web enabled and as such can contain web rich content.

Flexible Security
NetTime Client contains the most advanced security system of any software in its class. NetTime Client can be fully integrated into domain controlled environments that require locked down accounts and use Group Policies. Included as part of its security suite are system policy control, system command restrictions, hide files and folders and much more...

Hide Taskbar
The standard Windows Taskbar can be hidden if you require. This can be a useful security measure.


Start Menu
The Start Menu provides access to various areas of the Operating System. Various security measures can be enabled that lock down these areas and hide menu items. For thorough protection you can hide the Start Menu, or the entire Taskbar.

CTRL-ALT-DEL Protection
NetTime Client uses a low level system extension that completely disables CTRL-ALT-DEL. This prevents access to the Task Manager and other Administrative areas.

Low Resource Usage
NetTime Client has been designed and written to use minimal resources. This helps prevent interference with applications and games.

Low Time Warning
A low time warning message can optionally be displayed to customers when they are running out of time.

Built in Local Accounts (SOLO)
NetTime Client includes an integrated accounts system for local access. The standard authentication system for NetTime CS is via NetTime Server. There are some circumstances however where this may not be possible. The integrated SOLO system allows local access including the ability for staff to set both StopWatch and Timed logons for customers.

History Cleaner
A complete history cleaning module has been integrated into NetTime Client. This includes comprehensive browser history cleaning.

Action Scripts
Scripted actions can be executed when a customer logs on or off.

internet cafe software Settings and Options

Server Security
The Server software can be password protected with two different, configurable staff levels. This allows you to restrict what your staff can do.

Create your own Login Page
The Client login page can be fully customised.

Emergency Access
NetTime Client includes the option to enable an emergency access code. This will allow full Administrative access.

Crash Recovery
The NetTime CS Suite has been designed with crash recovery in mind. If the Server software or the machine it's running on becomes reset for any reason, it will automatically recover and resume any logged on connections when restarted.