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15 May 2015

Latest versions...

NetTime Server 3.04

NetTime Client 3.03


1 May 2015

Internet Cafe Software starting from $59!



About NetTime Software

NetTime Software design and write public access PC management software for a variety of industries. Our main product is NetTime CS, a market leading Internet cafe software solution as used in gaming centers, cybercafes, schools, libraries, cruise liners and many other diverse areas of industry.


Who we are

NetTime Software is based in the United Kingdom. We have been producing Internet Acess Management solutions for over 16 years and sell our products all over the world.

We specialise in software control systems for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Our highly trained development staff began work on one of the first Internet Cafe Software management solutions in 1998. We provide computer access solutions to hotels, cruise ships, hospitals, schools, libraries, colleges, Internet Cafe's and many other diverse areas of industry.

Our Products and Services

We provide off the shelf solutions which can be installed and commisioned in minutes. If a custom solution is required or you feel our team has the specialist knowledge required for your particular application, please feel free to contact us and ask for a quote.

There are a number of solutions from a variety of companies in todays market. They vary by their functionality, their presentation and indeed their stability. Potential purchasers should bear in mind that the cheapest and prettiest product does not necessarily mean the best and the most reliable. Our solutions may not always be the cheapest but it is our view that you get what you pay for. Download and try out our software today!

If you require a custom solution for your needs, please feel free to enquire or ask for a quotation. We have created bespoke solutions for ISPs, and charity organisations and libraries.

For more information, pricing and timescales please contact our sales department.