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15 August 2017

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1 May 2017

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Welcome to NetTime Software

NetTime Software is based in the United Kingdom. We have been producing Internet Access Time Management solutions and Internet Cafe Software for over 16 years and have sold our products all over the world.

Our team specialise in timer software and software based control systems for Windows XP, Windows 7, 8 and 10. We supply computer access solutions to hotels, cruise ships, hospitals, schools, libraries, colleges, learning centers, law chambers, youth centers, Cyber Cafes and many other diverse areas of industry.

NetTime Software is able to provide off the shelf products which can be installed and commissioned quickly and easily. If a custom solution is required or you feel our team has the specialist knowledge required for your particular application, please feel free to contact us and ask for a quote.

There are a number of Internet Cafe Software and public access timer solutions from a variety of companies in today's market. They vary by their functionality, their look and indeed their stability. Choose wisely and join our ever growing global customer base, choose NetTime Software!

Internet Cafe Software

The Full NetTime CS 3 Suite: Internet Cafe Software is available from $125!
NetTime CS 3 Lite Voucher Only Cyber Cafe Software available from $59!


Premier Internet Cafe Software

NetTime Software have been producers of Internet Cafe Software / Cyber Cafe Software for over eight years. This means we were one of the first producers of this type of software and have been one of the market leaders ever since. Our wealth of experience has helped us to provide cutting edge custom solutions for a variety of industries.

Today, our Internet Cafe Software is still one of the strong contenders for any business in this field and we would always strongly advise you to try out our product at your earliest convenience. There are numerous competitors but we often find that we gain customers from our competitors due to our reliability, excellent support and continuous development schedule.

Our customers range from hotels providing a single PC for customer usage (using NetTime SOLO), to one of our larger customers being an ISP with a country wide NetTime network supporting approximately 800 computers all connected to NetTime Server. Quoting one of our customers, "we have tried many Internet Cafe Software products but most start to struggle with as few as 40 PCs. Yours is the only one that can truly scale up and maintain rock solid stability". Thousands of users can't be wrong! We have millions of people logging into NetTime Client every day!

The Cyber Cafe Software you can trust! NetTime Software products can save you thousands in lost revenue and savings in maintenance. Most businesses find they have paid for our software within a couple of months due to the savings in time and increased revenue! For more information about our Internet Cafe Software / Timer Software products, please visit out products page.

Helping to make your business work harder for you...

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